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Sidebar Element

A real strength of Squarespace is the flexible sidebar. For example, on this page you can view this text. But if you change to the blog you will not see it anymore.

You will also see the section below (recent blog entries) disappear - makes sense, doesn't it?

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For more detailed information on how to set this up please check out this post.

Recent Blog Posts
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The membership sign-up module

Here, you can create a personal account for this website. Website members can subscribe to site updates via email, are identified uniquely when commenting, and can access special members-only areas on the website.

After creating an account the user will receive an email with further information. The only thing you can customize in this form is whether you want to let the user choose a passwort by himself/herself. It's a pity not more data can be collected with this form.

Please feel free to try out the Squarespace membership module. Once you are logged in you can view the gallery page, which is hidden to the general public.

If you need further information on this please check out this video tutorial on how to use the membership module.

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